Alphabet Symbols - The messages of form

The characters of the alphabet are symbols with messages of their own.

This book is an attempt to approach the letter as symbolic form rather than as an element in a system. And this endeavour is wholly disengaged from the mythology and the various beliefs associated with each character, for they do not express the import of the present-day rendering of these symbols.

The letters are forms that contain an inner imperative; they are figural entities with their own particular physiognomy and their own conceptional characteristics. The letter is a living symbol, a significant form that emits its own particular messages. The externalisation of the internal content of the letter reveals an abundance of emotions, images and symbolisms. There is no letter, and thus no form, that does not function beyond its structural characteristics as a living organism with pronounced emotional elements.

If therefore we look at the letters outside their functional and useful capacity, not as units of a system of writ- ing or as portrayals of phonemes, but solely as shapes informed with a variety of symbolisms, then we are opening a whole new chapter, a chapter in which the letters as alphabetical symbols are vibrant with their own significations, which are extremely interesting to decode. In conclusion, the graphic deconstruction of each alphabetical symbol is an endeavour on the one hand to present some new design variations that might benefit the broad spectrum of communication and on the other to extract from the form itself the various useful interior messages it emits.

Iannis Ikonomidis.