"Do what you've never seen done"

How many times I must have repeated that mantra to myself, and yet, for all that I thought it was the guiding principle of all my actions, it's only too possible that I never really adhered to it at all.
The images you see, the messages and the data you receive from the world's cultural environment, are assimilated within you almost against your will. And there, deep in the paths of your memory, there occurs a process by which this information is divided and separated. You retain the information that suits you, what you find useful or appealing, and you reject the rest.
The strange thing is that once this process has occurred the information you accepted gradually becomes your own possession. As if you yourself were the creator. As if somehow you were entitled to claim possession by virtue of the negligible effort you made to store it away somewhere in the margins of your mind.
However hard one tries, one can never transcend the limits dictated by one's own time. Even the greatest artistic genius cannot move beyond the bounds of a specific space - that created by his immediate predecessor.
Anyway something which seems to be unlimited is imagination. Just imagine a world without imagination...