Iannis Ikonomidis is involved into music area since his student years. He was the composer-lyricist and played the guitar as well in several groups. In 2009, with the name of Lunicon he produced a cd called "Months".

Iannis Ikonomidis entered the music industry with the nickname of Lunicon with an instrumental CD named “Months”. November, 2012, an EP named “Like a Star” was released by Universal Music with the voice of Craig Walker, the former voice of Archive. Ikon wrote the music and made the production.

2104 Ikon wrote a song (music and lyrics) called “Everywhere I Go”, for Natalia Corvington, a vintage pop song which was released by Minos EMI. This song appeared in three compilations, “Island 14”, “Mykonos Hits 2015” and “Summer 2015 Sweet & Sweat”.

Feburary, 2015, a new song titled “The End of Falling”, written by Ikon (music and lyrics), was sang by Afrodite. This song was released by Minos EMI and was placed into the compilation “Island 15”.

September 2015, Ikon collaborates with Marina Celeste, former singer of “Nouvelle Vague”. Ikon wrote music and lyrics for a vintage pop song titled “Supersonic Love”. This song was selected as one of the twenty best songs for November, 2015 by Enlefko Radio.

Later in October, 2015 Ikon started a new collaboration with Irene, a charismatic soul singer and Ikon writes, especially for her, songs which belong into the wider area of “Nu soul vintage pop”. The first song, “Like a Rainbow” (music and lyrics by Ikon), was released by Minos EMI and was placed into the most popular global compilation series, called “Now 2016/ That’s what I call music” which ws signed by Minos EMI and Feelgood Records.

April, 2016, Ikon wrote a new vintage blues soul song (music and lyrics) for Irene, which was also released by Minos EMI. Ikon and Irene are working together on their debut EP which will be their first complete project.

2017, Universal music released two Ian Ikon’s songs with the voice of Maria Zlatani, “My Jamaican dream” and “So many lies”.


The CD Months is an instrumental musical creation that documents Lunicon’s experiential relationship with the months of the year. The months of the year are the uninvited, but consistent with their appointment, visitors in our lives, heterogeneous and unique, unpredictable and sometimes refreshing, sometimes unexpected and indolent...

The promising and auspicious January, the suffocating and incomprehensible February, The peppy and melodious March, The bright and but yet mutable April, the vigorous but yet romantic May, the thunderous and enthusiastic June, the carefree and companionate July, the indolent August, the enigmatic and bitter September, the mysterious and restless October, the melancholic and wet November, the joyful December.


Composed and produced by Ian Ikon

Iannis Ikonomidis composed and produced for Craig Walker (ex Archive) an EP called “Like a star” which was released by Universal Μusic November 2012.

The first single “Like a star” had a great success in the greek radios.


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Iannis Ikonomidis (Lunicon) is working now on a new project called "TERMINALS". He is going to present soon this work on a music dance performance.
Choreography: Veroniki Tsougrani
Dance group:B+6

Sound and vision performance

This is an audiovisual live performance of the 12 songs of cd MONTHS composed by Lunicon (Iannis Ikonomidis). Video art and electronic music meet in this performance. The 12 video creations of visual artist and musician Iannis Ikonomidis project the atmosphere and the sound palette of each song.

This performance took place at the new Municipal Hall of Thessaloniki, (Dimitria, September 2010), at Booze Cooperativa (December 2010) and at the Hilton hotel (Ophthalmological Conference, Februry 2011)